Curriculum: Vital Processes and Human Well-being

The educational activities and scientific laboratory work included in this curriculum aim to provide excellent training with high-profile skills in biocellular and biomolecular research. Special attention will be given to vital processes closely related to human well-being and health, such as nutrition, cell communication, inflammation, cellular regeneration, and differentiation. Topics will also include microorganisms that coexist with humans in physiology and pathology, their physiology, biology, ecology, and strategies for their control. The processes involved will be studied at the molecular and cellular levels, and when applicable, at the tissue organization level.

Reference professors (in alphabetical order): BECCARI Tommaso; BELLEZZA Ilaria; CAMILLONI Barbara; CATACUZZENO Luigi; CAVALIERE Gina; FABIANI Roberto; FEDERICI Ermanno; MICHELUCCI Antonio; PIETRELLA Donatella; ROSIGNOLI Patrizia; TRAINA Giovanna.

Curriculum: Organism-Environment Interaction

The scientific laboratory and fieldwork educational activities included in this curriculum aim to provide excellent theoretical and practical training in the study of animal and plant organisms and the environments in which they live. The training program focuses on studying the physical, chemical, and biological processes that regulate organism-environment interactions, with a focus on developing bio-ecological models and indicators that allow for the assessment of environmental quality in ecosystems and the definition of sustainability in production processes and the use of natural resources. Special attention is dedicated to the biocoenoses of inland waters and the Apennine environments that characterize the region, including Lake Trasimeno, to understand the functional processes that ensure ecosystem services and the conservation of biodiversity. This is also aimed at promoting research on effective strategies for adapting to climate change and mitigating anthropic impacts.

Reference professors (in alphabetical order): ELIA Antonia Concetta; GORETTI Enzo; LANCIONI Hovirag; LORENZONI Massimo; LUDOVISI Alessandro; MARCONI Gianpiero; PIERSANTI Silvana; REBORA Manuela; VENANZONI Roberto.