Research area: The scientific activity is focused on various aspects of the environmental chemistry which includes renewable energies, atmospheric chemistry and physics, chemistry of water and snow, and applications of analytical chemistry to the characterisation of environmental samples.

Unit: Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics (Coordinator D. Cappelletti)

Chemistry and physics of atmospheric gases and aerosols; monitoring of atmospheric aerosols at urban and remote sites; indoor air pollution; Polar research;

Unit: Computational modelling of processes in the atmosphere (Coordinator S. Crocchianti)

Development and optimization of Lagrangian and Eulerian transport models; Source apportionment models;

Unit: Application of advanced analytical methods (Coordinator R. Selvaggi)

Monitoring, diagnostic and chemical characterisation of samples from various environmental matrices, including: mineral water, river and lake water, snow, particulate matter, soil, fossile and biomass derived fuels, food.