Teaching Activity - Offerta Formativa Prevista ed Erogata

Coordinatore: Prof. Luigi Vaccaro

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Dottorato in accreditamento e Documenti in fase di definizione.

Al momento hanno aderito a questo progetto 26 Università, 5 centri ed enti di ricerca, 15 aziende italiane e straniere.

At the moment, 26 universities, 5 research centers and institutions, 15 Italian and foreign companies have joined this project.

The PhD in Catalysis intends to create a multidisciplinary structure aimed at post-graduate training in the field of catalyzed processes of both academic and industrial interest. This project is motivated by the crucial importance that chemistry and catalysis have in all strategic areas for the competitiveness of a country system. From the production of electricity to that of hydrogen, from polymers to semiconductor materials, from the fundamental products of fine chemicals (fertilizers, flavourings, additives, etc. etc.) to pharmacologically active molecules (API), the development of catalytic processes represents the key tool to make a process efficient and sustainable.

With the involvement of national reference figures from both the academic and industrial worlds, and with the support of eminent scientists of international standing, the Academic Board of this PhD course intends to create a cultural platform capable of creating a new generation of capable professionals to develop new concepts of catalysis in research and innovation.

Teaching Activity - Offerta Formativa Prevista ed Erogata

A.A. 2023/2024

Offerta Formativa XXXIX ciclo