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Coordinator: Prof. Gianluigi Cardinali

Tel.: +39.075.585.6478

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General aim of the PhD course in Biotechnologies is to provide a thorough background in biotechnological research, for purposes ranging from basic research to technology transfer. The programme comprises three curricula, namely “Medical Biotechnology”, “Molecular and Industrial Biotechnology”, and “Biomaterials and Biodevices”

Medical Biotechnology is mainly focused on molecular and clinical diagnostics and development of innovative and customized therapies. The topics of the PhD program spans from the development of pharmacological tools to defeat a variety of diseases to the genetic processes that lead to organ regeneration. Active areas of research include molecular cell mechanisms in cancer, pharmacology of biotech drugs, cell biology (including stem cell biology), development of new medical devices. The educational objective of the program encompass collaborative exchanges with national and international partners and internal classes on biotechnology disciplines.

Molecular and Industrial Biotechnology focuses on active research areas such as: advanced genetic and microbial biotechnologies, cellular technologies for manipulation of stem cells, gene expression and cloning in prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells, biotechnological large scale production of useful bio-molecules, bio-based products, and recombinant cells; genetic, genomic, proteomic and cellular function analyses through technological approaches in silico, ex-vivo and in vivo; molecular and cellular technologies for biomedical application and for drug discovery, biotechnological strategies for industrial processes linked to chemistry, green-chemistry, biochemistry, supervision and quality control of biotechnological systems.

Biomaterials and Biodevices is primarily concerned with the design and development of smart biomaterials that, together with the synthesis of nanostructured sensors, is opening new frontiers to biotechnology. Indeed, biomaterials and bio-devices represent an emerging research area applicable in all fields of biotechnology (red, green and white), playing a significant role in food and nutrition sciences, biomedicine, agriculture, imaging and many other technological fields.

Educational objectives, integrated with the teaching and research activity, are:

- Improvement of theoretical and experimental knowledge by lectures and laboratory work, under mentorship (first year);

- Development of the research project, attendance at conferences, participation in educational and training activities (second year);

- Research activity, continuous training, and writing of thesis (third year).

PhD Board

Courses and Schools

Each year, students participate actively in the Winter School on Biotechnology held by members of the Faculty, internationally renowned researchers, and industrial researchers and managers. Courses, with final examination, covering the arguments of our three curricula are also offered. To complete their training, students are encouraged to participate to national and international Summer Schools, Workshops, Conferences, Specialist Seminars, and mandatory courses offered by UNIPG, namely:

- Courses of English @CLA Unipg (10 CFU);

- Management of research, knowledge of research systems and funding systems (1 CFU);

- Exploitation of research and intellectual property (6 CFU).

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Courses 2020

Biotechnologies PhD Courses 2020 (mandatory for first year students, open to all):

  • Anna Benedetti: Soil and Microbial management (2 CFU) -11-18 May 2020; TEAMS access 11/5; TEAMS access 18/5
  • Assunta Morresi, Pier Luigi Gentili, Piero Dominici: Ethical and governance aspects of the Covid-19 pandemic (3 CFU): 26 May – 5 June 2020
  • Assunta Marrocchi: Safety in laboratories and biotechnology (2 CFU): 8-11 June 2020
  • Efisio Puxeddu and Stefano Bruscoli: Cancer Immunotherapy (1 CFU): 15-17 June 2020
  • Benedetta Carlotti: Femtobiology (1 CFU): 22-24 June 2020
  • Carlo Riccardi and Simona Ronchetti: New therapeutic approaches in immunopharmacology (1 CFU):schedule to be decided.
  • Vincent Robert: advanced databasing and programming in biotechnology (3 CFU): schedule to be decided.

Please contact the lecturer regarding the lecture timetable.

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Courses 2019

Tavola rotonda: Biotecnologie e Società

Courses 2018

Winter School on Biotechnology 2018 (5 CFU)

Courses PhD students 2018


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