Biodiversity and Ecology (Prof. Roberto Venanzoni)

Biochemical and Biotechnological Sciences (Prof. Carla Emiliani)

Bio-Molecular Diversity & Evolutionary Biology (Prof. Ines Di Rosa)

Molecular Physiology (Prof. Luigi Catacuzzeno)

Computing, Theory and Experiments of Dynamics and Kinetics Studies for Chemical Processes (Prof. Fernando Pirani)

Molecular Spectroscopy (Prof. Assunta Morresi)

Environmental Chemistry and Technologies (Prof. David Cappelletti)

Catalysis for Energy (Prof. Alceo Macchioni)

Green S.O.C. (Prof. Luigi Vaccaro)

Materials for Artworks' Conservation (Prof. Aldo Romani)

Photophysics and Photochemistry (Prof. Fausto Elisei)

Plant Physiology Lab (Prof. Stefania Pasqualini)

Design, Synthesis and Properties of Compounds with Potential Pharmaceutical Interest (Prof. Gabriele Cruciani)

Theoretical and Computational Inorganic Chemistry (Prof. Filippo De Angelis)

Integrated Physiology and Preclinic (Prof. Bernard Fioretti)